Thursday, July 15, 2010

2nd Day, Batang Kali to Tapah ( say Hii to Perak, say BYE to Selangor )

#1 My Sponsor in Batang Kali, Jacky. Thanks a lot!!

#2 (7.45am) Begin my ride

#3 Kerling

#4 Slim River. A rain bring me to there.

#5 Slim River

#6 Bidor

#7 Bidor

#8 Tapah. End my ride of the day.

Dst : 109.97km
Time : 4hour 53min
Av Speed : 22.3km/h
Mx Speed :50.8km/h

Compare with yesterday, today was a tough ride, from Slim River to Tapah, all the way up hill down hill,up hill down hill.. and hot day somemore.


  1. Lou Sai... Bidor got buy "luk yau" bo ?

  2. Soh Keong, Luk Yau at Ipoh Tambun lah. Bidor is "gai Zhai Peng" and "sha qi ma" also petai.

  3. ahh . ya wo ho... like that , satu "gai Zhai Peng" and satu "sha qi ma" and satu petai , boss.

  4. 那個slim river鐘錶店歷史悠久咧~