Saturday, June 22, 2013


[12 June 2013, Shah Alam - Klang] I hit by a motorbike from back, I fall down, One night at Hospital Klang, my right hand shoulder ligament injured, my face, my legs, my back bruised... my brain CT scan - OK, I alive! thanks to who help me, take care of me.. and special thanks to my Helmet, it save me ! 
一架電單車神速的從後面撞來, 在地上翻滾數圈, 我短暫昏迷失憶, 巴生醫院住了一晚, 右手韌帶傷了, 手腳臉背後傷痕累累, .. 但很慶幸的我還活著  , 腦部掃描結果- 正常, 沒嚴重內傷, .. 謝謝所有協助過我,照顧我, 關心我的人... 特別鳴謝我的單車帽 - 它救了我. Hi friends, remember this - no Helmet No Ride!! 朋友, 記得-騎車要戴帽!! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Night Ride at Putrajaya

Night Ride at Putrajaya

1. Prime Minister Office 

 2. Big Road, less car.


5. View from PICC 

Putrajaya - a great place for night ride or weekend ride. No car, flat road, nice view..  suitable for easy ride. 

New member - Woei Hwa

New member - Woei Hwa

Welcome to the club

A part of the game - Tire Puncture

A part of the game - Tire Puncture

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Merdeka 2011

Happy Merdeka 2011!!

National day eve- 30 August 2011, I ride to KL town...


2 - KL tower

3 - Parliament

4 - Little India

5 - Malaysian Day but foreign worker more than Malaysian in the town..

6 - Malaysia flags. All the way I saw a lot Malaysia flags on the roadside, here some I collected. 

PJ -(NPE highway ) KL - 46km - 1hour 52min. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Deepavali - Ride to "Little India"

1. Little India - Brickfield

2. A Nepal Guard borrow my bike have a test ride around, he said : nepal no this...

3. Chris and Shun Xia

Deepavali Eve - KL Night Ride

PJ - Puchong -(Kesas Highway) Bukit Jalil - (MEX highway) Kg Panda, KL

MEX Highway